Embark with the most visited museum in the world is possible: the cultural cruises of the Louvre arrive

A museum as huge as the Louvre would not need more than its name to continue attracting visitors continuously, and breaking records, but its openness to explore new ways to connect with the public is commendable. Now, it goes beyond its halls and the Louvre embarks to cross the Adriatic and the Persian Gulf to some cultural treasures.

After surrendering to Beyoncé, the Louvre looks beyond its walls and offers two cultural cruises in 2020 to get to know some of the places where its works were developed and a good part of our culture.

These are two very different trips, in summer and autumn of 2020, which still have enough availability and, although you will have to scratch your pocket, there are still tickets at the cheapest prices, at least on the first cruise. Of course, not below 4000 euros.

In both cases, Art is the main theme, and therefore the ships will have very special guests: curators and directors of different departments of the Louvre that will offer onboard conferences and talks. But let’s see in more detail what each cruise trip offers.

Louvre and the jewels of the Adriatic

The Louvre cruise ship “The cultural jewels of the Adriatic” will leave Athens on August 14, 2020, arriving in Venice on August 23. A total of ten days discovering some of the cultural landmarks of the West, passing through Greece, Montenegro, Italy or Croatia.

On the trip aboard Le Lyrial, you will discover Delos, a tiny island in the Cyclades archipelago, where Apollo was born according to mythology. Along the Corinth Canal, you will visit Itea, you will sail towards the small and colorful city of Parga over the Ionian Sea … In Italy, you will visit the Puglia region, in Montenegro the Bay of Kotor, with its Heritage city of Humanity, in Croatia, Dubrovnik, and Split … And back to Italy the monumental Ancona, Ravenna and the Serene Venice (although we do not know if the cruise can dock more or less close to the historic center).

I was struck by taking into account families with children since in their Kids Club children and young people from 4 to 17 years old have at their availability age-appropriate activities organized onboard the ship so that traveling as a family it is not a problem (regardless of budget, of course). And speaking of prices …

You can find all the information about the tour, excursions, and prices on the website of the shipping company, Ponant. There are still many travel possibilities, with prices ranging from 4200 euros to 12500 euros per person in a double cabin. The most valuable trips, with all luxury of exclusive privileges, in the Owner’s Suite and in the Prestige Suite, are no longer available. They were around 20,000 euros.

Louvre and the treasures of the Persian Gulf

The Louvre cruise “The treasures of the Persian Gulf” will take place from November 19, 2020 (part of Muscat, Oman) to November 27 (arrival in Dubai), a total of nine days discovering the treasures and secrets of the desert of the Arabian Peninsula: dunes, mosques, islands, museums, natural parks, cities …

In the port of Sour, at the southern end of the peninsula, ancient maritime traditions will be discovered. The Le Jacques-Cartier ship will anchor at Khasab, the gateway to the “Arab fjords” that can be explored before sailing to Doha in Qatar. The nature reserve of the island of Sir Bani Yas will also be visited and, among other museums, the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum will be visited in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The cruise ends in the always amazing Dubai.

All the information about ports, excursions, and the different prices to embark on the Louvre cruise can be found on the Ponant website. All navigation possibilities are no longer available (there is less availability than on the first cruise), but you can find tickets from about 4900 euros per person to 9300 euros in a double cabin.

I do not know to what extent these trips will attract a special audience or a large audience, or if they will embark on the relationship with the Louvre or simply on the itineraries. I don’t know if the museum’s experts will have a lot of public in their conferences, or a lot of specialized public (I don’t think that’s the goal either, but to bring art to more people).

But if a cruise dedicated to SpongeBob, beer or Star Wars has its audience, why not this one? Let’s dream a little. A little piece of the Louvre furrowing the seas and we there enjoying it and discovering new places that are World Heritage and that in one way or another have to do with the most visited museum in the world.

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