Road companions: Madeira, Scotland, Germany, Thailand, Chile … to fill autumn travel

Do you already see the next trip around the corner? Today, as every Sunday, we bring the travel advice of our Route Partners, the friendly blogs that visit us in their section and bring us new plans to fill trips in the fall.

From Madeira to Scotland, Germany, Iran, Thailand, Chile … Cities with history, paradisiacal islands, great trips, nearby routes, curious corners … For all travelers, we have this selection that will surely inspire you to come up with the next plans.

  • Do we start with Dragging the suitcase, a family travel blog that leaves us with ten essentials in Madeira, a beautiful volcanic island whose mild and mild climate makes it an ideal destination for any time of the year, maybe this autumn?
  • We go with Don Viajón to Germany, specifically to know the best tourist sites of Stuttgart, capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and the world cradle of the automobile. In addition, full of beautiful architecture and a fairly warm climate in autumn for its situation.
  • We moved to the Netherlands with the Traveler’s House that shows us what to see and do in Breda, eight essential in this beautiful small and colorful city in the North Brabant region. Reading it, we understand why it is one of the cities in the area best valued by travelers.
  • If you are thinking of traveling to Scotland, do not miss the Dinky Travelers post that brings us your recommended hotels for a seven-day trip through Scotland. To choose accommodation from a range of hotels, bed, and breakfast, campsites, lodges, farms, and Scottish castles.

  • We went to West Asia with the blog Wandering around Mundopolis, which takes us to Iran to know with great detail what to see and do in Yazd, the desert city. A peculiar, special place, which was a key stop on the silk road. In the post, we know all the reasons to visit it.
  • Next stop in Thailand with Around the world in one life, which leaves us your advice to Prepare a trip to Thailand on your own. A complete guide to planning that dream trip.
  • We changed the continent with Travel with Diego, “A travel chemo , which brings us his new video and explanatory post with beautiful photographs of Santiago de Chile, the great Chilean capital. It leaves us with a tremendous desire to go!
  • We want to end with nearby routes in Spain, thanks to I travel little and his recommendations of Eight charming villages in Catalonia. Cardona, Tàrrega, Sitges, Rupit … Much to know!

We hope you enjoyed this review and that you have been inspired for your next trips after the summer, which you are already planning!

If you write your own travel experiences on your blog or know a blog that you want to recommend, you can send us the information through our contact form to include them in our next Route Partners or leave a comment in this post. Happy Sunday!

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