The Carrousel Palace in Donostia

If you travel with children to the Basque Country, one of the most fun experiences may be to see them ride in the Carrousel Palace 1900 located in the Alderdi Eder Park in San Sebastián. The Carousel is located on Playa de la Concha (la Kontxa) by the sea in an area of ​​great tourist attraction.

This attraction is the classic carousel or rotating machine also called Tiovivo. A carousel or roundabout is a traditional means of children’s fun, which consists of a platform that spins on an axis and has seats for passengers.

Traditionally, the seats tend to be shaped like animals and horses that go up and down while the carousel is spinning, which popularized Walt Disney’s movie Mary Poppins. In other roundabouts, the seats are cars, planes, animals or mixtures of each other.

It has not been easy for me to document myself or find information about its construction or its installation date in the beautiful San Sebastián since I have barely found data on the network. If you have data on this topic you can leave them in the comments.

This beautiful carousel located in front of the City Hall of San Sebastián is a wonderful attraction dated in 1900. While the merry-go-round turns around, the music plays and the children enjoy galloping on their mounts and greeting their parents looking at them from the sidewalk.

Sometimes, the carrousel also works at night and some parts of its mechanisms are illuminated, the decorations of the upper part, of the central fixed part and some bars of which revolve around the platform, producing a very attractive effect for those who ride and for those who watch from outside.

The area where the carousel is located, is a landscaped area of ​​great beauty where you can start whether you want to take a walk to the area of ​​the Old or Old, to walk the streets, take pintxos, etc., as if your option It is walking along the promenade.

In any case, whenever I go to San Sebastián for me, it has always been a must-see, it is inevitable for me to take a picture or sit on a nearby bench and watch how children enjoy riding their mounts in this simple rotating mechanism.

Just looking at these images taken last September, I am already listening to the music, I see the smiles of the children circling and the parents taking pictures of this attractive children’s entertainment, the beautiful Carrousel Palace in Donostia.

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