The challenge for European Sports Week: walking through the museums of your city on foot

Next week the European Sports Week is celebrated and this year we wanted to bet on fueling the routes through museums, reminding us of the relationship between sport and culture, and also between both and our quality of life.

The Higher Sports Council (CSD) presented yesterday at the National Archaeological Museum a new edition of the European Sports Week, a European project promoted by CSD itself that has programmed the challenge of walking a route through the state museums of Madrid.

But the challenge, as we see in the video below, is for any city. With the motto “Do sport, practice culture”, the main novelty of this year is to combine culture and physical activity.

In the video, you can listen as a narrator to former soccer player Michael Robinson and we see sports figures stroll through various state museums in Madrid: Pau Gasol, Eva Moral, Javier Fernández, Amanda Sampedro, Eva Calvo, Loida Zabala, and Bruno Hortelano.

Tour some of the state museums in Madrid, which can be perfectly joined on a route walking from one to another, taking advantage of the walk to discover other places in the city, avoiding the car or any transport other than our own legs.

In the video you will recognize the Museo Nacional Del Prado, where Gasol walks; the Sorolla museum, with some other emblematic work; the National Archaeological, with the lady of Elche; Queen Sofia, the Cerralbo Museum and the Museum of America. In the end, a network links other state museums, such as the Thyssen, the Costume or the Romantic.

And it is that many times if time is available, it is better to save the car or transport vouchers for another occasion: the environment, our pockets, and our health will thank you.

We leave you with the video of the European Sports Week 2019 that encourages us to visit the museums of our city and do it walking from one to another, to be healthier and happier.

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