‘The longest journey’, the exhibition on the crossing that showed that the earth was round

Until then, there had never been complete navigation around the planet, it was the first round the world, it left from Seville and 500 years of such a feat is celebrated. The exhibition ‘The longest trip: the first round the world’, in the General Archive of the Indies of Seville, commemorates that first circumnavigation of Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastián Elcano that departed from the capital of Andalusia.

In the sample, you can see until February 23 more than one hundred pieces and original documents, with writings and chronicles related to this round the world, which are exhibited for the first time before the celebration of that fifth centenary, a tribute to the exploratory spirit of the human.

The exhibition ‘The longest trip’ can be seen from Thursday in one of the most emblematic buildings in Seville, a reminder of its glorious past as a door of commerce with the Indies and reference in the study of the Spanish presence in America, very close of the docks of the Guadalquivir witnesses of the preparation, departure and heroic return of that historic expedition in Victoria, which concluded in 1522.

The exhibition is organized by Spanish Cultural Action and the Ministry of Culture and Sports and can be visited until February 23 in the General Archive of the Indies.

This year, 50 of the arrival of man on the moon are also celebrated, so the exhibition also wants to claim the exploratory spirit and the barrier-free attitude towards the unknown. Because surely 500 years ago the doors opened to new trips, new discoveries, new milestones.

In ‘The longest trip’ you can see a total of 106 original pieces and documents belonging to the General Archive of the Indies and to different institutions of other European countries, such as the Torre do Tombo National Archive, in Lisbon, or the National Library of France, and Spaniards, such as the National Library of Spain, the Museum of America, the Museum of Oriental Art of Valladolid …

The sample is structured in six large sections, based on the different phases of every discovery trip: Dream, Departure, Exploration, Destination, Return, and Transformation. The direct testimonies of the protagonists in a historical logbook guide the visitor in their journey.

After passing through Seville, the exhibition will travel to the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián between the months of June and September 2020.

At the moment, until February 23 you can see in Seville the exhibition ‘The longest trip: the first round the world’, which will surely inspire many to continue exploring in a world already traveled and known. Because you have to keep going around when you can … We leave you with a video about the sample.

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