The most beautiful villages in Spain make us fall in love with the finalists of their photo contest

Until recently I had no idea that there was an association of the most beautiful villages in Spain, but once you know it you can only admire all the initiatives they take to preserve and make known their associates. Right now we fall in love with the finalists of his photography contest, which creates the need to visit them.

The Association of the most beautiful villages in Spain is born of the conviction and need to publicize the wonderful villages that dot the Spanish geography. Places of great beauty full of history and culture, villas where tradition surrounds you and that when mixed with the locals, you become part of them even if only a few moments.

From a previous registration of more than 1,700 participants and the more than 2,100 photographs that have competed the jury has just presented the final classification, chosen by popular vote via the internet, of the 10 photographs preselected by the jury in this II edition. And we are fascinated. The image that heads these letters is the one that was in the third position and is by Manuel Ruiz, with 1,150 votes. The village? the beautiful Almonaster la Real. It is a fairytale town in the province of Huelva of 1,891 inhabitants with a 16th-century mosque, a 14th-century Mudejar Gothic church, and a 13th-century castle.

A photograph of the Castellón town of Vilafamés by Iván Agut finished in the second position with 1,192 votes. It is a beautiful town with many archaeological sites and cave paintings hidden between L’Abric del Castell, La Cova Matutano and Tossal de la Font. You could not miss a castle of Andalusian origin.

The votes of Internet users have placed in the first position the photograph of Alberto Seoane, with 3,800 votes, taken in the municipality of Puebla de Sanabria. Little must be said of this beautiful town in the province of Zamora, with its imposing Castle of the Counts of Benavente, resisting since the fifteenth century, with a Tower of Tribute of square plant that is popularly known as “El Macho”. And of course, the Church of Our Lady of Azogue, presiding over the town square not far from the Castle that watches over it. Its origin is? We can go back to the twelfth century, as shown by the Romanesque remains that it treasures.

The rest of the selected images, which you can see in the Instagram of the association, and that according to the jury they represent are the ones that best represent the values ​​of the 68 beautiful villages of the Association were from Frigiliana, Frías, Trujillo, Calaceite, Ciudad Rodrigo, Aínsa and Santillana del Mar . What is clear is that we look many times in large places and we have so much to discover among the small wonders that these towns entail. The wonderful initiative of the association with all its activities, and especially this photo contest.

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