The most beautiful villages in Spain that have been the scene of filming

It is not the first time we have looked at this wonderful initiative that is the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain. Small municipalities full landscape and architectural beauties that fall in love with everyone who passes by. You can say that we exaggerate but we are not the only ones, so much so that without hardly touching up they have been cinema scenes for admiration of the whole world. Today, in the midst of festivals we put our eyes on the most beautiful villages in Spain that have been filming scenarios.

Peñíscola will always be linked to ‘El Cid’ and a victorious Charlton Heston, who set foot there before the protagonists of ‘Game of Thrones’. Orson Welles raised Chinchón and Pedraza, and Almodóvar always makes us ‘Back’ to Almagro.

Trujillo: ‘1492: The conquest of paradise “

It was 1992 and Ridley Scott moved his entire team to shoot ‘1492: the conquest of paradise’ to the beautiful city of Trujillo in Cáceres. The film shows monuments such as the Orellana Palace, the Alcazar or the Puerta de Triunfo. The beauty of this beautiful colonial city of medieval castles and fortresses has conquered numerous directors of the national and world scene.

As a curiosity, it must be said that Trujillo is the hometown of Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of Peru. Before that blockbuster there were also shot ‘ El Tulipán Negro’ (1964) by Christian-Jaque, ‘El Señor de la Guerra’ (1965) or the Spanish ‘Pascual Duarte’ (1976) or ‘La Celestina’ (1996)

Ballasts: ‘Doctor Mateo’

Rarely has a series done so much for one of the most beautiful villages in Spain: Lastres is ‘Doctor Mateo’. Almost all the exterior scenes of the series take place in the town. It gives particular importance to rural traditions or the virtues of the quiet life of an Asturian people. The streets full of fishermen were a perfect set.

The maritime landscapes, the steep streets, the Lighthouse of Lights dazzled those who watched the series and those who visit Lastres. As a curiosity, the series is based on the British ‘Doc Martin’, shot in Portwenn and at the entrance of that town, there is a sign of brotherhood between both municipalities.

Peñíscola: ‘El Cid’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

Before Peñíscola arrived ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘El Chiringuito de Pepe’ reached worldwide fame in the 60s with ‘El Cid’. Charlton Heston and the entire film crew, Sofia Loren included, enjoyed the wonders of this corner of Castellón. In its scenes, a large population of the town appears since 2000 extras were needed. On that occasion to cover the modern buildings, a decoration was built so large that it appeared even in the Guinness Book of Records.

If you go to Peñíscola in search of Daenerys Targaryen in the Mereen of ‘Game of Thrones’ or Spanish heroes you can not miss the imposing castle, which appears in both shootings, the fish market, the citadel and of course the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes.

Almagro: ‘Back’

Ciudad Real is always present in Almodóvar’s films and in ‘Volver’ he uses Almagro as his set, choosing the rural beauty of the town as the scene of the misadventures of Penelope Cruz. In this population is the only Corral de Comedias intact since the 17th century. One of the places that appear most in the film is Federico Relimpio Street that once was the seat of the Inquisition. The Manchego director also chose it as a location for ‘The Flower of My Secret’ (1995)

Sos del Rey Católico: ‘La Vaquilla’

Let us now travel to the province of Zaragoza, to Sos del Rey Católico, the place where Luis García Berlanga filmed the wonderful ‘La Vaquilla’ (1985), which had its inhabitants entertained for a few months, who were very involved in the filming. So important was for the life of the people that today there are numerous sculptures and references to the recording. As curious facts, a meek heifer escaped during filming and spent hours wasted by the people.

Chinchón: ‘Midnight Bells’

The Plaza Mayor de Chinchón, of the medieval cut, was a perfect setting for numerous productions. All this seduced Orson Welles, so in love with Spain that even his ashes rest in a town in Malaga. ‘Midnight Bells’ (1964), that story of treason through several Shakespearean works would not be the same without this locality. They also filmed here ‘ Around the World in 80 Days’ (1953) or ‘King of Kings’ (1963).

Pedraza: ‘Red Eagle’

If we start counting perhaps Pedraza is one of the towns of the Spanish geography that has received more filming. The magic of this medieval town made it part of one of the most successful Spanish series: ‘Red Eagle’. Also here came Orson Welles with his ‘Midnight Bells’ and transformed it into Macau.

The French ‘Delirios de Grandeza’ (1971) and one of the films that raised Bo Derek, ‘Bolero’ (1984) chose Pedraza as the stage. What makes it so attractive are its emblazoned houses, its Romanesque churches and its proximity to the Hoces del Duratón.

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