The Seven Kingdoms at your fingertips: the exhibition of “Game of Thrones” arrives in Madrid

The end of the series has brought rivers of ink and many followers have been left wanting more. As of October 26, the official exhibition of ‘Game of Thrones’ arrives in Madrid, where fans will be able to see Arya’s dagger, Jon Snow’s skins, the ice spear of the King of the Night or the iron throne.

After passing through Barcelona and Belfast, the largest exhibition of ‘Game of Thrones’ falls on Ifema, the Madrid fair, in a thousand square meters where visitors will be transported to the series’ stages, with enveloping environments and multimedia content.

There you can see part of the costumes, authentic accessories, and elements of all seasons of the series, a tour designed to create an interactive and immersive experience in ‘Game of Thrones’, to have the center of the Seven Kingdoms at your fingertips, moving in the mythical lands of Westeros and Essos.

The exhibition is announced as “the largest exhibition on the series held in Spain to date”, although, yes, it will not be greater than that of Belfast, the largest to date, which occupied 5000 square meters. But it remains the official and safe exhibition that contains all its milestones.

Among the props include Cersei’s costumes, Dothraki uniforms, the necklace that hid the poison that killed Joffrey … You can see floats, skulls of the crypt of dragons or the famous ‘Needle’ of Arya Stark. ..

Visitors who approach the facilities can also walk through the icy landscapes of the North or the Camino Real, the King’s Landing …; Enter the House of Black and White; explore the Black Castle, home of the Night’s Watch; climb the famous Wall; or sit on the Iron Throne, where the selfie is secured .

Tickets are already on sale through the official website, where we select the desired day and time of visit. The price of tickets for the exhibition of Game of Thrones in Madrid will be from 17’40 euros (for children under 4 to 12 years will cost 10’40 euros) and you can have an audio guide for 6 euros (a this must be added management costs: 1’50 per entry).

The price indicated is from Monday to Friday, not holidays, on weekends and holidays the entrance goes up to 20’40 (12’40 children). Are there any discounts for groups. The average time of the visit is 1 hour, although if you want to stay longer, you can do it. The exhibition of ‘Game of Thrones’ can be seen in Madrid until March 15, 2020.

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