Tips for swimming to Santa Clara Island in San Sebastián

Donostia or San Sebastián is one of the most attractive cities for a traveler we have in Spain. Perhaps the most famous of San Sebastián is the huge beach of La Concha, which runs throughout the city.

A few hundred meters from the beach we have the Island of Santa Clara, which can be swum, so today we give you these tips to go swimming to the Island of Santa Clara in San Sebastián.

Santa Clara is a small island in the western part of the bay of La Concha. It is said that all Donostiarras, in order to be called Donostiarras with all their meaning, have to cross swimming from the beach to the island. But this is not an easy task …

Before leaving

The first thing is to leave things somewhere. If you are going to swim to the island you cannot take your wallet and mobile with you. The ticket offices on the beach of La Concha barely cost 1.50 (yes, with 5 euros deposit, which they return with the key). These lockers are also very good if you have nowhere to leave things and simply want to visit San Sebastián.

It is convenient to warm up a little and take a small bath by the shore, to acclimatize to the temperature of the water and to avoid the possibility of cramps that can hinder your effort.

Before you start swimming, look at the state of the sea. Try to do it at low tide, and if possible, a day without much swell. We had bad luck and it was very difficult to swim. Do not go alone and warn the lifeguards that you are going to swim. Finally, place yourself in the westernmost part of La Concha, from there the distance is smaller.

Travel tips

Once you start swimming do not go too fast, there are many strokes that you will have to give and there is no hurry. There are platforms with slides on which you can rest and you can also take the buoys. The beach of Santa Clara Island is in front of you if you have started on the left side of the Shell.

Try to dose the effort and swim calmly because it is not a very hard course, but you have to know how to maintain a constant pace that facilitates our task. It is also convenient to do the tour accompanied by another person who can help us in case of setbacks.

What awaits you on the island

On the island, you will find a bar, lots of forests, and an ideal place to rest after the beating swimming. If or there are forces you can go up to the lighthouse on the top of the island, but don’t forget that you have to swim back to San Sebastián.

Anyway, there are alternatives to the “beating” swimming, because if you want to know the island without swimming, you can also take a boat trip for 6 euros, but it will not be the same.

We hope that with these tips to go swimming to the Island of Santa Clara in San Sebastián, you will have it simple if you decide to do the feat and feel authentic Donostiarras from wherever you are.

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